anti-barking devices
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Anti-Barking Devices

Anti Barking Devices for dog owners is a growing industry, judging by the huge offer that is available on the current market. If you really want to compare all the different devices that you could choose from with one another, you would be facing quite the challenge, as there are literally hundreds of models available.

Moreover, they don't all work on the same principle although, at first sight, two working principles seem to dominate: electrical shock and repellent smell.

Using the Pavlov technique?

It was Nobel Prize winner Ivan Pavlov who was the Russian scientist that first described the conditioned reflex behavior in dogs. He discovered that by ringing a bell each time they gave a dog food, that it was enough to ring the bell afterwards to make the dog salivate as if food was coming even though this was not necessarily the case.

The anti-barking devices for dogs that are on the market today are based on the same principle, except that in this case, either the contraption will serve the dog a mild electric shock when it starts barking or it will dispense a strong smell that the dog really doesn't like.

This way it is quite simple to quickly teach the excessively barking dog to curb its obnoxious behavior.

Barking dogs can sometimes be irritating, especially if it is your own dog and that somehow, it picked up the habit of barking for what seems to be the sheer pleasure of grabbing your attention.

It happens enough for a large anti-barking device industry to thrive on the market, which brings the unfortunate dog owner to have to start making choices from a plethora of alluring offers when that time comes.

It can be nerve wracking to be around an uncontrollably barking dog and the most obvious solution is dog training, but sometimes people have neither the time nor the inclination to go to a dog training school and they want a quick easy efficient solution.

Some reverse psychology specialists also suggest that sometimes, dog owners choose the anti-barking device solution to "get even" with the animal, because their intuition tells them that their dog knows it is irritating them, but just has too much fun getting the attention it obtains with this behavior.

It is a bit of a tit for tat game that is being played out and in the end, even though dog owners usually love their dog to bits, they have the unconscious need to show who is master, as well as a powerful motivation to get the pesky situation under control rather sooner than later.

Is punishing your dog with electrical shocks the most humane way of teaching it to stop its excessive barking? Unfortunately it is one of the only fast and effective ways of of getting this annoying problem under control, aside from dog training.

It doesn't seem obvious when one is annoyed, but the most humane way of getting rid of a dog barking problem is training the dog to respond to your instructions. Dogs are simple creatures but they respond to certain types of input very well.

Making use of electrical shock dispensers is not necessarily the best of solutions available albeit, it has to be conceded, it is a cheap efficient one.

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